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DESIGN | Planning a Renovation?

With the popularity of HGTV and social media scrolling, it’s easy to start imaging your dream home - and they make it look so easy! Well, if you, a close friend or relative has taken on a renovation, you know that it can be anything but easy. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. Planning early is the solution to avoiding a stressful renovation project. Here are some things to consider before you start demo on your new home upgrade.


Get clear on what you want out of your renovation project. Create a wish list of your needs and wants, including aesthetics, design, function, and the flow of spaces. How do you plan to use the space? Who will use it? Do you need more storage?  More room to entertain? Pinterest and Instagram are great resources and places to collect your ideas. Trimming this list down will come later in the planning process.


Determining your level of financial investment in your project is closely tied to your wish list. Your designer and contractor can help you with initial estimates so you can prioritize and budget appropriately. Both designers and contractors will cost out projects in different ways, it’s important to get clear on your total investment. New furniture is often the last piece of the project and for that reason, gets dropped off the list when projects run over. You should always plan for a contingency fund to avoid disappointments in the final results. Finally, you will want to figure out if you will be living through the renovation or finding a rental, which carries an additional cost.


Does your project have a fixed deadline? You may have a move-in date, or a special occasion that you need to host, or maybe you have some flexibility. Engaging both a designer and contractor early will help you put together a realistic timeline and anticipate any potential delays before your schedule gets too tight.


In addition to the timing of the project, you’ll want to think about how much of your own personal time is available to devote to working on your renovation. Do you have hours to drive around to showrooms and the energy to put into the myriad of decisions required to execute a well thought out project. Decisions that will keep you up at night. Or would you rather turn the details over to someone else? This is where the professionals really show their value.


We’ve been talking about team all the way through because it’s a critical factor. Get recommendations from trusted friends and family. What is your communication style, how do you like to collaborate?  A renovation project is exciting, but it can also be a demanding experience and requires a solid relationship. No matter how perfect your planning is, there are always surprises. Having trust and a good rapport with your team, will make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Our team is here to help guide you through the process from start to finish. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today!



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