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DESIGN | Investing in Furniture?

What to consider before you start shopping.


Make sure you're investing in the pieces that will get the most use and contact time. This is usually your living room and main bedroom. Your living room seating will likely be the most high-traffic, so investing in quality and durability is important. Have fun and save money with decor pieces that you can switch out over the seasons.


Selecting the right sofa is a balance between aesthetics and comfort. Consider your height, and how you sit - do you prefer to slouch, curl up, nap, or read? Do you like lots of throw pillows? These factors impact what depth of sofa to select. Cushion material and type are another area to consider. Do you want a firm or squishy feel, structured or casual? Sofa cushions come in many configurations - loose, fixed, and so on. We find that many clients have very strong likes and dislikes in this area and recommend that you really think about this before you start making selections.


Sofa fabric is another balancing act between look and feel. Do you have children, pets or a messy adult? Consider a performance fabric. The availability of these fabrics in most furniture lines, has increased dramatically over the past few years. Now you can get that light coloured sofa and not worry about stains ruining your investment.


Understanding your investment level when considering new furniture is important. To help, we put together an investment guide, with all the items you may need for a living room, in a good, better, best scenario. For each tier, we have included a benchmark Canadian retailer for your reference.


The temptation to find a set you like and opt in for all the pieces is understandable. Unfortunately, the result is bland and lacks dimension. Real design is the considered layering and pairing of materials, textures, and tones, resulting in a rich, customized look.


Investing in a few foundational pieces can anchor the direction of your room. If you keep tones neutral, you’re extending the flexibility and lifetime of that piece. Additionally, make sure that you love the style, it's good quality and it will stand the test of time.


Don't default to the wall! While it may seem like you’re making the room look bigger, orienting your furniture against the wall will likely make it look smaller. Having a focused and balanced arrangement based on conversational convenience and traffic flow will give you a better look. Even moving your sofa 12" off the wall will help create a more warm and inviting space. A sofa can also be a great room divider.



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